A Chant of Paradise
Imperishable Bliss

If you're wondering what became of that nice red logo and the photo of Tingle in a Super Seven driving into the sunset, you're not alone. Tingle is wondering the same thing. Probably he pushed a wrong button while he was trying to learn HTML-challenged web construction.

The future of this website, whose URL is still tingleslotus.com, depends on the slope and quality of Tingle's learning curve. The purpose will be to flog Tingle's ingenious pair of novels, Imperishable Bliss (2009) and A Chant of Paradise (2014), along with whatever other work may be in the offing. To access the respective sales pitches, click on the buttons at the left.

June 4, 2014  On Comedy Central's "Colbert Report", Stephen Colbert and guest Sherman Alexie announce solidarity with Tingle's now-four-year-old boycott of Amazon.com! Catch their shtick at Amazon vs. Hachette - Sherman Alexie - The Colbert Report - Video Clip | Comedy Central and take it seriously. Tingle's rationale for the boycott is more purely ethical than Colbert's, and is spelled out with guarded hypocrisy on (yes!) Tingle's author page on Amazon: Amazon.com: D. E. Tingle: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

June 29, 2014  Tingle's other low-gain vocation, improving the world, has acquired a worthy champion in Larry Lessig, whose story can be tracked down starting at Mayday.us - My SuperPAC. We need to scare up something like $3M between now and July 4. This is not as unlikely as it probably sounds, because the groundwork laid by Larry in the past several months is  paying off radically. Please check it out and cough it up.

July 4/5, 2014, midnight  Bless Prof. Lawrence Lessig and the rest of us – we did it! Five million bucks volunteered by the humble but not anonymous, at a geometrically accelerating pace, to begin to reestablish rule by democracy in the United States. The battle is detectably rejoined for the first time since your faceless security government suppressed Occupy more than two years ago.

December 4, 2015  Sooner or later, he's always vindicated. On Monday of this week, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit ruled that extrajudicial pressure brought by government agents against providers of financial services to publishers violates the First Amendment, thus lending moral support to Tingle's 2010-to-the-present boycott of Amazon.com. An informative link is here:


In our case, rogue sometime Democrat and always sanctimonious pantywaist Joe Lieberman wheedled Amazon into refusing Wikileaks the use of its U.S. servers for fundraising. Old Joe didn't like what people were newly able to hear, so he threw around whatever weight he imagined he had, to suppress Wikileaks' speech, rightly surmising that it would be constitutionally tricky to accomplish the same thing under color of law. Amazon buckled. Tingle boycotted. He thanks the two or three supporters worldwide that still have his back.