A Chant of Paradise
Imperishable Bliss

"A great work. Intelligent, humane, perceptive and funny." Edgar S. Walsh, executor of the literary estate of Pearl S. Buck, Nobel Prize for Literature, 1938

"I found the narrator one I came to care about less as the book went on, especially when it became clear just how damaged he was, as though deliberately to drum into us that a totally coherent character can lack several gears in his brain, those that help most people treat other people like people, not like moral abstractions." Lawrence G. Smith, author of Cesare Pavese in America

"Bliss speaks to those who love language. It soars to a place books rarely go." Bill Branon, author of Let Us Prey, a New York Times Notable Book of the Year

"I found it quite compelling, by turns funny, annoying, profound and very pathetic...a very satisfying contrast between the good actions of the less consciously 'Christian' characters and havoc created by committed religionists." Michael J. Scanlon, architect, writer, photographer and ceramicist

"The story shifts between journal-like descriptions of day-to-day existence and the narrator's assessments of current events, frequently pinning blame for current turmoil on homosexuals and other 'Satanic' forces. These disturbing opinions are dropped in casually as Tingle successfully depicts a deranged man. A search for the divine that could use a map." Kirkus Reviews

"As I was reading (the first chapter) it felt like a combination of A River Runs Through It, Siddhartha, and Augustine's Confessions, with a touch of  Portnoy's Complaint. It was also one of the fastest forty or so pages I have read in a long time. Must. Buy. Book." Thomas Kang, Seoul, Korea; B.A. in English Language and Literature, University of Chicago; M.A. in Political Science, Stanford University; M.A. in East Asian Studies, Harvard University

   Imperishable Bliss by D.E. Tingle